The Patient Safety Coaches Academy (PSCA) was founded in 2016 to enhance the ability of patient care teams -- with the guidance of patient safety coaches -- to adopt and consistently apply the safe care practices of high reliability, high-performance organizations. The patient safety goal: harm-free healthcare. The PSCA provides information to assist Patient Safety Coaches, and those who desire to become a Patient Safety Coach, to learn 1) the 5 Disciplines of Performance Excellence and how they contribute to patient safety, 2) the Knowledge, Skills, and Ability (KSAs) necessary to be an effective Patient Safety Coach, and 3) how leading hospitals and health care systems are creating safe care environments with the skillful guidance of Patient Safety Coaches. In 2019, the PSCA will begin offering Patient Safety Coach (PSC) Certification to advance the important contribution Patient Safety Coaches make to eliminating preventable patient harm. Achieving PSC Certification through the Patient Safety Coaches Academy will help Patient Safety Coaches (and PSC aspirants) 1) enhance their communication, team building, and coaching skills, 2) be recognized as a patient safety leader among their peers, and 3) learn the 5 Disciplines of Performance Excellence that facilitate the achievement of harm-free healthcare.