Chasing Zero

Actor Dennis Quaid: "Zero is the number, Now is the time"

Safe Practices from Aviation - CRM
Human Factors in Medicine: Lessons from Commercial Aviation

MedStar PSC Program
MedStar Health Safety Coach Program

Safety Lessons from Aviation
Beyond the Checklist: What Else Health Care Can Learn from Aviation Teamwork and Safety

Bill Gates on the Importance of Coaching
"Everyone needs a coach" Bill Gates & Eric Schmidt

Cincinnati Children's Safety Coaching
Cincinnati Children's Safety Coach Video

Checklist and Safety
Checklist Procedures and Resource Management

Crew Resource Management
Crew Resource Management

Quality - It's Who We Are
At Abington Health, safety is our core value and your safe passage through our hospital system is our primary concern. Everyone at Abington Health is committed to this goal – it’s who we are.

Leading to ZERO
Applying High Reliability safe practices to save lives

Nationwide Children's Zero Hero
Nationwide focuses all staff on eliminating all preventable harm

Zoo High Reliability Safety
Central Florida Zoo high reliability safe practices

Coaching Model
Coaching for Safety - Shawn Galloway