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PSCA certification as a Certified Patient Safety Coach (PSC) will be awarded to an individual based on the individual's 1) demonstration of an understanding of the patient safety and coaching skills referenced in the PSCA Body of Knowledge by passing a self-paced 90-question on-line exam, 2) submission of an attestation and affirmed by a representative of the candidate’s employer, that the candidate has successfully applied their newly acquired coaching skills over a 60-day period with patient care teams, and 3) submission of an SBAR that briefly describes the situation, background, assessment and results as a summary of the candidate’s patient safety coaching experience. Candidates who successfully complete these requirements will recieve a Certified Patient Safety Coach pin and Certificate. 

The PSC examination curriculum is in 6 sections:

1. Patient Safety Background [15 questions]

2. Preparing to Deliver Safe Care [15 questions]

3. The Offensive Strategy – Delivering Safe Care [15 questions]

4. Minimizing Errors and Event Precursors [15 questions]

5. The Defensive Strategy – Maximizing Defenses and Barriers [15 questions]

6. Coaching to Facilitate Safe Care [15 questions]

Educational Resources:

PSC Certification Body of Knowledge