Option 1 -- On-Line Patient safety Coach Certification


(coming in 2021)

PSCA certification as a Certified Patient Safety Coach (PSC) will be awarded to an individual who: 1) gains an understanding of the patient safety and coaching skills referenced in the PSCA Body of Knowledge which is drawn from the book Five Disciplines for Zero Patient Harm - How High Reliability Happens, 2) passes the 50-question exam by correctly answering at least 80% of the questions, and 3) submits an attestation, affirmed by a representative of the candidate’s employer, that the candidate has successfully applied their newly acquired coaching skills over a 30-day period with patient care teams in actual patient care settings. Candidates who successfully complete these requirements (as determined by PSCA or the candidate's hospital-based proctor) will recieve a PSCA Certified Patient Safety Coach Certificate of Achievement. 

The PSC examination curriculum is in 3 modules:

1.Changing Behaviors [10 questions] [20%]

2.Caring Safely [20 questions] [40%]

3.Coaching Excellence [20 questions] [40%]

Option 1 -- On-line PSC Certification Examination: $495.00 -- Includes access to the self-paced, on-line Patient Safety Coach Certification Examination,  preparatory tutorials for each of the three exam modules, and Pratical Experience Attestation form. Successful candidates (correctly answering 80% of the exam questions and submitting the Practical Experience Attestation) will receive a Patient Safety Coach Certificate of Achievement awarded by the Patient Safety Coaches Academy.

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Option 2 -- Hospital-Protored Certification Kit: $995.00 -- Included: unlimited use, unlimited number of applicants seeking PSCA Patient Safety Coach Certification, for an unlimited time period. The Certification Kit includes a Proctor's Guide, preparatory tutorials related to the 3 exam Modules, Attestation Form, Certification Process Flow, PSC Certificate master, and the 50-question PSC Certification Examination and Answer Key.

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