PSCA Certification Exam


The PSCA Patient Safety Coach Certification Examination is a self-paced 70-question test of the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA's) necessary to be an effective Patient Safety Coach. The PSC Examination covers many of the KSA's a Patient Safety Coach must possess to help their patient care teammates care for patients safely and counter the potential negative effects of complacency, incompetence, and inconsistency. PSCA Patient Safety Coach Certification is based on the Body of Knowledge found in the book Five Disciplines for Zero Patient Harm published by the Health Administration Press (Chicago, July 2019) and provides an assessment of the candidate's KSA's in 3 areas: 1) Caring safely, 2) Coaching excellence, and 3) Changing behaviors. Mastering change facilitation tools and techniques is an essential prerequsite to being able to coach patient care teams to care safely and achieve performance excellence. Once you have successfully completed the PSC Certification Examination with a correct answer score of 80 percent or higher, you will recieve a request to complete an attestation documenting that you have applied the Patient Safety Coach KSA's in a pratical patient care setting over a 60 day period. Receipt of the Attestation Form along with successfully passing the Certification Examination will result in the award of Patient Safety Coach Certification.