The purpose of the Patient Safety Coaches Academy is to provide standardized state-of-the-art training to help prepare healthcare professionals working in hospital settings to be effective Patient Safety Coaches, advocates and mentors leading to the provision of Harm-free Healthcare. The PSCA also provides guidance on how hospital leaders can implement a new Patient Safety Coach program. The PSCA was created in 2016 in response to a growing emergence of patient safety coaching programs in hospitals, with a wide variation in structure, training and roles and responsibilities. In 2021, the PSCA will begin offering Hospital-Proctored Patient Safety Coach Certification to advance the professionalism and safe care practices of Patient Safety Coaches.

Coaching Excellence

Want to start a PSC Program? OR Become a Patient Safety Coach? OR Enhance Your Coaching Skills? -- The Patient Safety Coaches Academy can help you and/or your hospital or healthcare system improve patient safety, whether you are just starting a new Patient Safety Coach program or want to develop or enhance your Patient Safety Coaching skills.

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High Reliability Safe Care Practices

Becoming a high reliability organization is often defined by the organization's response and recovery from a major accident or serious safety event. The catastrophic event propelled the organization to create a culture of safety and cultivate a continuous commitment to operating safely every day, year-after-year. The high reliability safe practices of chemical plants can be applied in health care settings to keep patients free from harm.

Safe Care Practice

Patient Safety Coach Certification - Two Options [Coming mid-2021]

Patient Safety Coaches or those aspiring to become a Patient Safety Coach now have a resource to improve their coaching Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) --Patient Safety Coach Certification !
Option 1 -- Prepare for and take the on-line PSC Certification Examination.
Option 2 -- Provides a PSC Certification Kit that will authorize a hospital sponsor to proctor and administer the PSCA Patient Safety Coach Certification Examination to an unlimited number of hospital staff and to award PSCA Certification to successful applicants.

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