Terms of Service

Return Policy: All sales are final. Applicants paying for access to the Patent Safety Coach Certification Examination will receive a Log In and Password. After the Applicant logs in to the PSC Certification Examination, no refund of the Certification Examination Fee will be permitted or made by the Patient Safety Coaches Academy. The Certification Examination Fee provides access to the Patient Safety Coaches Certification Examination and does NOT assure successful completion of the examination which, along with an attestation of a Successful Coaching Experience, is the basis of the Applicant receiving an award of Patient Safety Coach Certification.

Product description: The Patient Safety Coaches Academy, LLC offers Patient Safety Coach Certification to eligible Applicants who pay a Certification Examination Fee for the right to access and complete the Patient Safety Coach Certification Examination. Patient Safety Coach Certification is awarded to Applicants who 1) successfully complete the Patient Safety Coach Certification Examination and 2) complete and submit to the Patient Safety Coaches Academy an attestation that the Applicant has completed a Successful Coaching Experience.

Patient Safety Coach Certification Fee: Individual Applicants: $495.00 -- Groups of 10 or more individual applicants, $395.00 per Applicant upon submission of a list of the examination participants to PSCA and PSCA's approval and issuance of a discount coupon.
Applicant: Applicants for the Patient Safety Coach Certification must currently be employed in the capacity of a clinical care provider, e.g. nurse, physician, laboratorian, and work in a hospital, healthcare system, or other healthcare organization.

Body of Knowledge: The Patient Safety Coach Certification Examination will be wholly based on the content of Five Disciplines of Zero Patient Harm -- How High Reliability Happens, published by the Health Administration Press (Chicago) in July 2019 (Author Charles A. Mowll).

Certification Examination Passing Threshold: 80 percent of questions correctly answered (July 2019).

Award of Certification: Applicants successfully completing the requirements for Patient Safety Coach Certification will receive a Certification Certificate and a "PSC Certified" Pin within 30 days of demonstrating compliance with the Certification requirements.